About This Product

For the selective control of broadleaf weeds in cereals, linseed, pastures, sugar cane and turf as per Directions For Use table.

Choice MCPA 750 Herbicide is a member of the Phenoxys group of herbicides. Choice MCPA 750 has the Disruptors of plant cell growth mode of action. For weed resistance management Choice MCPA 750 is a Group I herbicide.


ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 750 g/L MCPA present as the dimethylamine salt

Weeds should be sprayed while actively growing and at their most susceptible stage. As a general guide, annuals should be sprayed when young and perennials just prior to appearance of bud stage. Extremes of cold or drought are unfavourable. The best conditions are when the soil is moist, weather fine and rain unlikely within 6 hours of application. Do NOT spray crops or weeds outside the stages indicated in “Critical Comments” as damage, loss of yield or inadequate weed control may result. DO NOT spray in high winds.

Safety Data Sheet

Directions For Use