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About This Product

BUTAMINE 500 is for control of broadleaf weeds with a high degree of safety in most legume-based situations. The presence of dimethylamine salt in the formulation increases the speed at which weed control is achieved.

BUTAMINE 500 may be used for selective post-emergent broadleaf weed control in undersown wheat, barley and oats. Also in clover, medics and most lucerne (seedling and established). Weeds controlled include burrs (Bathurst, California, noogoora), capeweed, charlock, dock (seedlings), evening primrose, fat hen, fumitory spp., hedge mustard, marshmallow, Mediterranean turnip, Paterson’s curse, prickly lettuce, shepherd’s purse, sowthistle, spiny emex, stinging nettle, thistles (saffron, soldier, spear), turnip weed, and wireweed.

Refer to Directions for Use, Label and Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Active Constituent(s): 
500g/L2,4-DB(present as the dimethylamine salt)
Pack Size:
5 Litre and 20 Litre


Safety Data Sheet


 Direction For Use